The mission of The Busch Family Foundation is to support, enrich and enhance the very community in which it was started. Formed 30 years ago in Ft Pierce, FL, Peter W. Busch believed in supporting initiatives that improve the quality of health, education and family in his community, as well as, the preservation of Florida’s indigenous animals and landscape.


Peter’s belief has been that “we all must give back to the very people who help keep us in business and survive.” Since 1984, Peter has owned Southern Eagle Distributing, the local Anheuser-Busch / multi-beverage distributor, and has made enormous strides in providing for charitable causes. Aside from all that he has contributed, citizens within our community view Mr. Busch and his family as ultimate givers, not only of monetary/beverage donations, but of their time, hearts and minds.


In order to generate funds for the Busch Family Foundation, we host two events per year: Busch Rodeo Series and the Wild Game Dinner. Proceeds from these events benefit organizations such as: The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, One Hundred Club, United Against Poverty, The Boys & Girls Club and many more. Peter has always lived by this motto: “Making friends is our business.” And it couldn’t be truer.